Junior Guards

Monmouth County Junior Lifeguard Programs

Junior Lifeguards used to be thought of as little kids that would go get the “real” lifeguards coffee and a soda or lunch up on the boardwalk. That was then and this is now. Junior Lifeguard programs have sprung up all over the place and municipalities and beaches are just starting to feel the effect of these beneficial programs.

Every morning hoards of kids, ages 9-17 trek to the beach to meet up with lifeguards that help instruct these kids in the following:

  • Water and beach safety

  • Working together as a team

  • Build self confidence

  • Health and fitness

  • Prepare the youth for work as an Ocean Lifeguard

  • Good sportsmanship

  • Use of lifeguard equipment

  • To have fun!

Participants are part of a structured program, nurtured by the United States Lifesaving Association that usually last a few hours a day. Some towns have programs that run for 6-8 weeks during the summer and have enrollments in the range of 200-300 kids.

Each year there are local competitions amongst the beaches and a regional competition to test your skills against each other and against other junior lifeguards from New York to Virginia Beach. There is also a national competition that Monmouth County sends an organized team for to compete against some of the best junior lifeguards in the country.

Junior Lifeguards are broken down into the following groups:

  • AA 16-17 years old

  • A 14-15 years old

  • B 12-13 years old

  • C 9-11 years old

Some beaches have already started “mini” guards or nipper programs for kids 6-8. This downscaled level of junior programs gets younger brothers and sisters involved and eases the nerves of the kids when they start out.

The idea behind these programs is to not only have a structured environment for kids to learn about the beach and ocean, but to have fun. As the kids grow older and go through the ranks of the programs, the local beach can use these programs as feeders to their hiring of lifeguard staff. These newly recruited lifeguards usually excel because of the history of training due to the Junior Lifeguard program.

For upcoming Junior Lifeguarding events, please view our calendar.

For more information on Junior Lifeguard Programs, contact your local beach lifeguard headquarters.